We’re passionate about scientifically created and clinically proven eyecare and skincare products


NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops and sells problem-solving, accessible solutions for improved well-being. Our leading product, Avenova® Antimicrobial Lid and Lash Solution, is proven in laboratory testing to have broad antimicrobial properties as it removes foreign material including microorganisms and debris from the skin around the eye, including the eyelid. Avenova Spray is formulated with our proprietary, stable and pure form of hypochlorous acid and is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for sale in the United States. Avenova Spray is available direct to consumers through online distribution channels and is also often prescribed and dispensed by eyecare professionals for blepharitis and dry-eye disease. Other eyecare products offered under the Avenova eyecare brand include Novawipes by Avenova, Avenova Lubricant Eye Drops, Avenova Moist Heating Eye Compress, and the i-Chek.

Wound Care:

We also manufacture and sell our proprietary form of hypochlorous acid for the wound care market. NeutroPhase and PhaseOne are used for the cleansing and irrigation of post-surgical wounds, minor burns, and superficial abrasions. NeutroPhase and PhaseOne are gentle, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing to skin and new tissue. PhaseOne is distributed through commercial partners in the United States for professional use only, and NeutroPhase is distributed in China by Pioneer Pharma (Hong Kong) Company Ltd.